Warner Bros. adds additional boob shots to new Tom and Jerry movie to adhere to HBOMax guidelines - The Beaverton

Warner Bros. adds additional boob shots to new Tom and Jerry movie to adhere to HBOMax guidelines

– After the announcement that Warner Bros. is set to stream their 2021 lineup on , news surfaced that the remake of cat-and-mouse classic Tom and Jerry, must adhere to the channel’s strict standards and contain more breast content than previously planned. 

“We are so excited to utilize HBOMax’s streaming service so everyone can have their own personal silver screen,” says CEO of Warner Bros. Hiram Von Applebottom. “Sure we had to add a couple more tit shots to a family film… but that’s showbiz baby.”

runs under the Warner Bros. Entertainment umbrella. However, the conglomerate wanted respect and honor the storied history of the Home Channel and provide top-tier explicit boob content to their loyal viewers. 

The re-creation of the favourite children’s cartoon blends animation with live-action. The new film now features multiple scenes of big ol’ tatas, primarily from Toots Mouse, Jerry’s girlfriend portrayed by Jessica Alba. The film initially only contained one gratuitous sex scene, but upon analysis from HBO execs, they thought it best to add more during narrative exposition, important plot points, and even in the background of the end credits. 

“We wanted to make it fun for the whole family,” Von Applebottom added. “And we meant the whole family.”

With next year’s most anticipated like 1984 and The being released as soon as possible to stream, producers scrambled to add that extra HBO charm in post. Films have adopted traits of the channel, such as the Matrix 4 featuring a large cast no one can keep track of, In the Heights now features Lin Manuel Miranda railing cocaine, and Timothee Chalamet fucking a space peach in Dune.

As the powerful entertainment dynasty begins making its way into online accessible content, streaming service supergroups have begun to form as a means to survive. A high-quality porn spinoff of Grace and Frankie backed by and Pornhub is set to be released next spring.