"Somebody should call the police," say NS RCMP officers watching van being torched - The Beaverton

“Somebody should call the police,” say NS RCMP officers watching van being torched

NEW EDINBURGH, NS – A group of officers watched helplessly as white lobster fisherman broke into an Indigenous fishery, vandalized property, and set fire to a van.

Armed with semi-automatic pistols and protected by bullet proof vests emblazoned with the words ‘POLICE’, the twelve law-enforcement officers wondered when it was appropriate to alert the authorities.

“Are death threats and hate crimes illegal in Canada?” question Sgt. Allen Smith of the local RCMP detachment while watching several hate crimes unfold. “My brother knows a cop, so maybe I’ll call him before I report this.”

The thin blue line of bystanders couldn’t look away as they did nothing to protect people and their affirmed by the Supreme Court of Canada.

According to sources, other members of the police force said they were too busy stalking a person of colour at a local grocery store.