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Rent luckily winding down the same time as CERB

OTTAWA – With millions still out of due to the global , the federal government is stopping the $2000 Canadian Emergency Response Benefit after learning that would also be ending in the fall.

“The program was originally rolled out to help those suddenly out of work pay for rent, utilities and food” said disgraced former minister of finance Bill Morneau “But now that people no longer have to pay for those things we’ve decided not to extend the program. stores now have free food on Fridays, so that’ll help too.”

are famous for their generosity and kind spirits,” stated Landlord association Victor Rum. “So we have collectively decided to stop charging rent when CERB finishes. Although we have also decided that we still won’t pay to fix the heating.”

Many Covid response programs are being cancelled now that the problems they addressed have gone away. For example Ontario ended a ban on indoor dining in restaurants when the virus stopped being transmitted among large groups of people sitting inside without masks.

“CERB is transitioning to CRB, which is just like CERB except that it’s harder to access, does not cover as many people, and is less ,” stated yet to be disgraced current minister of finance . “As an added bonus it slows down the processing of other insurance benefits such as maternity and paternity leave.”

Many schools have decided to move classes online now that laptops and broadband access fall from the sky, free of any expense for families.