Inspiring! These men aren’t voting for Trump and that’s really how low the bar is at this point - The Beaverton

Inspiring! These men aren’t voting for Trump and that’s really how low the bar is at this point

In these challenging times, it’s important to stop and notice people standing up for good and doing the right thing. That’s why we should be grateful that, on the eve of the , hundreds of Republicans are finding the courage to denounce , because that’s really the last standard we can afford to have.

The trend began when brave GOP leaders such as Mitt Romney, Colin Powell and George W. Bush stood up to say they would not be voting for . Sure, this comes after years of silence and complicity (and participation in another disastrous administration, and sponsoring something called “the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act” – yikes!). But the point is that according to the current prism through which we have no choice but to view our splintered moral reality, these deserve props for doing the right thing.

And here’s the good – it’s not just them! Dozens of high-level Republicans are now taking a stand and denouncing Trump two weeks before his second Presidential election and not one goddamn minute before! Selflessly, they only chose to benefit from his unabashed cronyism, incompetence and bigotry for four full calendar years, and no more than that! Almost in time to prevent his solidifying a supermajority on the Supreme Court!

Well hip hip hooray, morally upright motherfuckers! You’re lucky we’re having to save up all our opprobrium for getting this guy out of the House or BOY would we have some words for you! (But to be clear, we don’t because again, beggars can’t be choosers. Everybody be cool.)

And the wave of moral fortitude is spreading beyond just politicians. Voters across the country who really liked the cut of Trump’s jib before he showed himself to be a monster as president (and after he showed himself to be a monster in life but let’s not talk about that) have decided that enough is enough!

And they’re all around you – your loud, misinformed American uncles, weird coworkers, and friend of a friend from high with an etsy shop that sells state flag dresses. Polls show that tens of thousands of voters who did not view Donald Trump’s blatant racism, violent misogyny and total lack of experience as disqualifying now might!

This is what Mr. Rogers meant when he told us to look for the helpers.

So, even in the darkest times, it’s good to remember that if you seek out the good in people, you will find it, at the last possible second it stops benefiting them to be not good.