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Bloc leader vows to trigger, lose election

– This Wednesday, Bloc Québécois Leader has threatened to force a federal in the fall, an election that he promises to lose.

Blanchet’s remark comes amid the ethics investigation into and Morneau’s ties to . The Bloc leader insists that the only way to prevent him from losing catastrophically at the polls would be if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Finance Minister Bill Morneau, and Katie Telford, the PM’s chief of staff, all resign.

“It is more harmful to our country to have these three in positions of power than it is to have millions of Canadians congregate to vote in-person in what will undoubtedly be the second wave of the pandemic,” said the leader of the party with less than 10% of the seats in the .

“It’ll be fine! If Québécois can be packed into classrooms, then the very least Anglo and allophones can do is pack themselves into their community centers to cast their ballots for any party besides my own.”

Blanchet has yet to confer with another party to move forward with a motion of non-confidence, but assured Bloc supporters that they would have the option of voting for Liberals, Conservatives, and maybe even the .

“These three are untrustworthy, just like the anonymous sexual misconduct allegations made against me last month. Once they step down, I will no longer pursue an election I didn’t have a chance in hell of winning… but then again once these three are gone who will be left to run the government?” Blanchet cackled silently to himself. “Maybe the country will be forced into an election no matter if my demands are met or not!”

The Bloc Québécois leader finished his statement by reiterating his support for a vote in October, saying, “Trudeau and Morneau have mismanaged money away from hard-working Canadians, whereas I would simply use Canadian tax-payer money to force everyone back onto the campaign trail.”