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Canadian man furious that Liberals infringing on his second amendment rights

Grande Prairie, AB – In the wake of announcing that his government will ban most assault style weapons, local man Hank Cook is demanding to know why the government thinks it has the ability to infringe on his rights.

“The second amendment to the clearly states that the right to bear arms shall not be infringed upon, and has since our country was founded in 1776,” said Cook. “What’s next, are going to be forced to quarter British troops in our homes?!”

“It’s like never even read John A. MacDonald’s line in the Declaration of Independence about our creator endowing us with inalienable rights!” he added.

Since the ban was announced numerous conservative voices have raised the alarm that such an action by the government would infringe on gun owner’s rights, which they’re pretty sure are protected in the constitution somewhere. They’ve already announced plans to sue all the way to the Supreme Court, where they are confident that Justices Roberts and Kavanaugh will put a stop to the whole thing.

“The government’s actions go completely against the most sacred principle of our constitution, expressed so elegantly in the very first words: Liberté, égalité, fraternité,” said one opponent of the Ban.

“I don’t understand why President doesn’t step in and veto it,” added another.

The Trudeau government is confident that the Ban is constitutional however. Even if it does violate a section of the charter they believe it will be held up under any reasonable application of the Oakes test, which of course allows Canadian governments to limit constitutional rights as long as they do so for a pressing objective with minimal impairment to the right in question. Plus they’ve checked and there is nothing in the Magna Carta that stops them from banning guns.