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5 great excuses not to hang out when you’re free all the time now and they know it

So you used to have a million excuses to get out of hanging out with your friends. But now that literally every single one of your plans are gone, and the whole planet is under house arrest, everyone knows you are free forever! Don’t worry, because we have you covered with 5 great excuses to use for the new world order!

1. “My Internet Is Out”

High school friend wants to reconnect now that it’s the apocalypse? No worries, because you can’t connect without a decent internet connection! Make the plan to zoom one night and one hour before, send them a text saying your internet is out and you won’t know how long until it gets replaced. Stupid Rogers 😉 now go back to playing !

2. “I Might Have

If you have a sore throat you can’t be expected to talk, and you can’t type because you have to saaaave that energy! We also know NOTHING about this virus, so you can use this excuse for as long as you like because it affects each person differently! Now go back to playing Animal Crossing!

3. “I Definitely Have COVID-19”

Look who’s back, back again, COVID’s back, tell a friend! Even better than pretending you might have COVID is pretending you definitely do! All the same pros above apply, and the added benefit is people will leave you alone for even longer because they are so deeply afraid of the unknown! So turn that switch back on, because it’s time for some more Animal Crossing!

4. “I Have To Help My Family With their bunker.”

Everyone can relate to a dad who thinks it’s time for a Walking Dead-esque bunker. And a bunker like that takes time to make. If someone wants to spend time on Skype, simply say you are too busy helping your family construct a bunker for the end of the world, sharpening sticks to surround the small house your family owns, and collecting food just like you might do in the beloved Nintendo switch game Animal Crossing.

5. “I Don’t Want To”

Finally, the best excuse is the truth. Perhaps this whole situation will start a new level of honesty in our culture where we can tell people the truth without hurting anyone’s feelings. Maybe we can all open up and realize that we have so little time on this earth and we only want to spend it with the people we like. Maybe the people we like will say they don’t want to spend time with us, and then we’ll finally begin to see who our true friends and family are and everyone will be happier for it. You can also just pretend you have COVID though, that was number 3. Now you can play you guessed it; DOOM, as you are now bored of Animal Crossing.