"I think...sorry...I think that...what? No you go ahead," says man during zoom meeting - The Beaverton

“I think…sorry…I think that…what? No you go ahead,” says man during zoom meeting

Timmins, ON – Local man Frank Butler is finding it difficult to jump in during his ’s weekly check in meeting, prompting him to repeatedly start talking and then stop when he realizes someone else is also talking.

“Sales are down…what was that Jen?…No? Ok sales are down…go ahead Jen…I’m just trying to say…wait is Brian talking now too?!”

“This isn’t gonna work if we all keep talking over each other. I said this isn’t gonna work if we all keep talking over each other! I SAID THIS ISN’T GONNA WORK IF WE ALL KEEP TALKING OVER EACH OTHER!!!!”

As the has forced many to operate remotely, work zoom calls have become a reliable, incredibly unsecure way, for employees to meet and discuss operations. The system has also proven to be great at employees insane as they constantly search for a single opening to get their point across. But Butler is determined to struggle on.

“The thing about online is… Sam I can see you’re trying to talk over me but your mic is on mute.”

At press time Butler had finally found his opening and had been talking free and clear for a full 2 minutes before he realized zoom had frozen and no one could hear him.