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Mothers Against Head Crushing boycott impending Kids in the Hall revival

TORONTO – Canadian comedy troupe are returning to the small screen for an 8 episode revival on . The news of the show’s reboot elicited a heated boycott from the nonprofit group Mothers Against Head Crushing.

“Back in ‘95, I thought the tyranny of the Head Crusher had come to an end when the show concluded its run,” sobbed MAHC spokesperson Rayanne Maclin. “But they just keep coming back, so we have to stay vigilant. I hate to admit it because it goes against our organization’s philosophy but we’re living in a head crush or be head crushed world.”

Many mothers across the nation have signed an online demanding the cancellation of the show, and that the men of KITH be brought to justice.

“My son is a commerce student and I shudder to imagine a world in which he is targeted for his affinity for making money,” roared MAHC president Lana Sinha at a rally yesterday outside of an Amazon fulfillment warehouse in Mississauga. “So what if he’s a flathead! That doesn’t mean he’s asking to have his head crushed! All our kids can’t be deadbeats like Bobby Terrance, but I bet that would make those ‘kids’ in that ‘hall’ real happy.”

The details of the MAHC petition are listed on their website and demand that “Mark McKinney denounce the actions of his alter-ego Mr. Tyzik a.k.a. the Head Crusher,” and that should the reboot proceed despite the group’s protests, that “all bereft mothers be allowed to dance on the graves of these five white comedians in their 50s.”

As of early Friday morning, the group had accumulated viral support online. Approximately 30 different Helens signed the petition and agreed that Head Crushing has no place in 2020.

At press time, MAHC broadened their campaign to include activist group Mothers Against Face Pinching.