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Trudeau, Ford bond over shared love of ethics violations

OTTAWA – At a meeting of the minds last week, Ontario’s Premier and Prime Minister found common ground in their shared love for disregarding ethical codes of conduct.

The political rivals learned that “maybe they aren’t so different” as they spent the morning promising to cooperate, and indulging in one of their favourite activities: bald-faced lying.

“I’m into cronyism, but Justin’s more of a veiled-threats-with-a-smile type,” explained the Premier, who achieved his first ethics violation for his work on Toronto’s city council.

Trudeau, who got his first ethics citation in 2017, was surprised to discover just how much he has in common with Ford: “We both love minorities, we love to laugh, and we get a twinkle in our eye at the thought of withholding money from First Nations.”

Ford and JT were also amazed to find they’re both superfans of the tv show . “Doug’s a real Bughead shipper, but I’m just there for the story”, explained the Prime Minister.

“Also, we both had totally normal, healthy relationships with our fathers that allowed us to grow into the strong, stable models of masculinity we are today,” said Ford, quickly adding, “I’m the favourite son!”

Despite their similarities, the two politicians ultimately found one thing they don’t have in common:

“That brownface thing was pretty racist, huh” said Ford, “I could never get away with that”.