Scheer: If you wanted to know my real views on homosexuality, you should’ve made me Prime Minister - The Beaverton

Scheer: If you wanted to know my real views on homosexuality, you should’ve made me Prime Minister

OTTAWA – After being asked by a reporter if he views homosexuality as a sin, Conservative leader Andrew made it clear that the only way Canadians are going to find out his true beliefs about the + community is by making him Prime Minister.

“You people had your chance to find out what my character is, and you blew it,” Scheer said. “You wanna know if I think homosexuality is a sin, if I think your gay friends and family are going to hell, if I think their are an affront in the eyes of God? These are questions that will be answered by my actions during my first term as Prime Minister, not before.”

“Knowing I am personally opposed to abortion was a freebie, the next one’s gonna cost you.”

While Scheer’s refusal to attend any Pride events, his 2005 comments saying gay isn’t real, and his vote in 2017 against a bill that prohibited discrimination on the basis of gender identity is more than enough information for some to deduce his views on the LGBT+ community, political experts and Scheer himself say there is always more lurking under the surface that will only be revealed if and when he becomes the leader of the country.

“We all accept that candidates hide who they are during elections, the question is whether politicians should reveal who they are when they become MPs, or party leaders, or if they should continue to conceal their true selves until they become Prime Minister,” said political science professor Kate Palmer. “Finding out what kind of person a PM is at their core is like a little reward they give the country in exchange for being given the job of leading it.”

“Do they hate scientists? Do they love corporations? Are they surprisingly invested in preventing acid rain? We only get the answers to these questions after they become PM.”

In related news, has indicated he would love to talk about nothing but his personal views on LGBT+ issues for the next four years.