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Intellectual instantly creates opinion from headline

THE INTERNET – Not letting irrelevant distractions like nuanced reporting or context interfere, a local free thinker on Twitter was able to demonstrate superior intellectual ability today by forming a hot-take in a reply to a tweet from a news organization without even reading the article.

The story, which detailed how satellite imagery showed areas of Antarctica were gaining in ice volumes despite massive melting elsewhere, prompted noted member of the online intelligentsia @garyfreed2139483 to reply, “THESE FUCKING LYING SCIENTIST ARE NOW ADMITTING GLOBLE WARMING IS A HOAX! HOW CAN THE PLANET BE WARMING IF THE ARCTIC IS GROWING ICE? UN-FUCKING-BELIVEABLE!” a message which went out to all 27 of his followers.

A quick review of his Twitter timeline shows a prodigious oeuvre of insightful commentary of well over ten thousand tweets spanning all the way back to 2015 when the first Tweet from the recondite savant cast an astute indictment of political corruption writing, “Hilary is a lying pedophile communist!!!! #pizzagate” 

Sources say that @garyfreed2139483, whose profile picture shows a clearly learned man in sunglasses driving a truck, is able to construct intricate and elaborately constructed points of view by having already built up more than enough information throughout his illustrious education. They note he soared through high school with a 66% average and almost completed an introductory electricians course at a community college before dropping out, because he was too much of an erudite collegiate.

At press time, @garyfreed2139483 had just retweeted his contemporary and fellow scholar Ben Shapiro.

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