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Ontario government replaces OSAP with Taylor Swift

TORONTO – After superstar made a generous donation to support a fan’s tuition fees, the Ontario government has announced that the American singer-songwriter will now be the only provider of the province’s student aid program.

“We’re happy to announce we’ve made headway on addressing the province’s deficit with Taylor’s help,” said Minister of Training, Colleges, and Universities Ross Romano. “We’re confident that she will use her charitable contributions to support the hundreds of thousands of post-secondary students in need of financial aid. The Ontario government is investing in our future so long as we don’t have to pay for it.”

With Swift’s help so far, 0.00004% of students will not need to worry about paying for tuition fees.

The Minister explained that prospective students can apply online for student aid by following the pop icon’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

“The amount received will depend on your dedication to her music,” said Romano. “Your funding will be determined on whether you’ve bought all seven albums plus the iTunes Live from SoHo featuring Swift’s cover of Rhianna’s “Umbrella,” or attended all of her concerts within a 500 km radius of where you live.”

The Ministry estimates that the wait to transfer Taylor loans and Swift grants will take approximately four years or never, a remarkable improvement from the former program.

Meanwhile, Ontario’s Health Minister Christine Elliott unveiled the new Ariana Grande Health Care System.