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Breaking: Tall woman recognized for something other than being tall

CALGARY — In a historic moment for everywhere, Susan Kettleman was recognized for something outside of her earlier today.

“I assumed I was being asked into my boss’s office to grab something from a tall shelf but it turns out they were actually complimenting me on my work,” stated a flustered Kettleman following the momentous event.

Known as “Tall Susan” in the office, despite being the only Susan who works there, Kettleman has a storied history of her height overshadowing her accomplishments; starting as early as 13 when in her middle school yearbook she was remembered as “tall,” “really tall,” and “sooo tall.” This, regardless of the fact that she was the class treasurer and the lead in the school play.

“I’m just really thrilled that they were able to look past my stature and see that I’ve been working really hard,” noted Kettleman who, at her University graduation, was not congratulated for her Deans list grades but rather her “ potential.” Again, this despite having never played basketball.

The significance of the event cannot be overstated, especially in light of the fact that Kettleman left her last job because her boss refused to acknowledge her efforts and referred to her, not by name, but as, “Our in-house .”

“I think this is a huge win, not only for me, but for any woman has who been constantly berated about her promising career in professional volleyball,” stated an emotional Kettleman.

To congratulate Kettleman on her work, her colleagues all chipped in to buy her a gift card to Mr. Big and Tall.