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All male podcast somehow passes Bechdel test

Toronto, ON – Film historians and critics are flabbergasted after a podcast recorded in Toronto by two men has somehow passed the Bechdel test, used to measure representation of women in film.

“There are no women speaking during the podcast, as is the norm,” explains Dr. Theresa Mahue, head professor of University of Toronto’s film program. “They don’t even talk about film, nor is a podcast categorized as a film, nor is their podcast in any way entertaining… but here we are, and I have no answers.”

The Bechdel test, which asks whether a work features at least two named, female characters who have a conversation about something other than a man, is the minimum requirement a film should pass in order to represent women. And while films like Titanic, The Matrix, and Avatar all fail this simple test despite their enormous runtime, podcasters Kyle Dunn and Connor Munn somehow managed to pass this low bar.

“We mostly talk about the work,” explained Kyle, broadly referring to whatever it is they do day to day. “We talk about the hustle, our personal hustles, the pyramids, really just what is important to us in that moment.”

While the podcast often runs around 4 hours an episode, usually averaging 2 listens per week, Dr. Mahue misclicked on one episode while browsing iTunes, confirming the episode “Our Male Struggle” did, somehow, pass the Bechdel test.

“I am just as disappointed as you are,” a dour-faced Dr. Mahue explained to us. “But in film criticism we must be unprejudiced, and by god, those sweaty boys have done it.”

When asked if they were thrilled by this achievement, the podcasters noted they were very excited that “Batchdul” liked their podcast and hoped to meet “him” soon.