Local man starting to suspect it’s too late to ask what Brexit is - The Beaverton

Local man starting to suspect it’s too late to ask what Brexit is

Brandon, MB – man Steven Bach is getting the feeling that the time to figure out what actually is has long since passed.

“I saw on the that the UK government might fall due to disagreement on how to proceed with Brexit,” said Bach. “And I just thought oh man, I’ve totally been meaning to look into that whole Brexit thing.”

“In fairness, Brexit only just happened,” added Bach in reference to the June 2016 referendum vote.

’s government has struggled to find a solution that would satisfy both Remainers who prefer to maintain a strong working relationship with the E.U. and Brexiteers who don’t like the look of these foreigners, all without creating a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland or the UK economy into recession. This has prompted thousands of outside observers like Bach to ask ‘What the fuck are you talking about? No seriously. Not one word of that made any sense.’

“Near as I can tell, Brexit has something to do with Northern Ireland, immigration, french cheese and Boris Johnson’s haircut,” muttered Bach as he scrolled through the latest BBC News article on the subject.

At press time, no one who voted for Brexit really understood what it meant either.