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Nation kind of surprised it took Doug Ford this long to eliminate Charter Rights

TORONTO – After ’s bombshell announcement that he would use S. 33 of the Constitution to override the Superior Court striking down his decision to eliminate half of the Toronto City Councillors, many people expressed surprise that it took nearly 3 months for Ford to basically eliminate Charter Rights in Ontario.

“It’s obviously a disgusting and appalling act motivated out of nothing but malice for his former city council colleagues,” said East York resident Stacey Humphries. “But also I kind of expected him to pull this shit on day one.”

“I assume no one told him about the until today?” she added.

Ford’s statement that he would not hesitate to use S. 33 in other instances going forward, essentially eliminating the fundamental concept of a judicial check on executive power, was the kind of statement that would be shocking had it come from anyone other than a power hungry authoritarian only interested in destroying his perceived enemies.

Though provincial residents, particularly Torontonians, were unquestionably alarmed by the move, they did take comfort in knowing that Ford hadn’t already vetoed their right against discrimination and their security of the person, or forced them all to wear a single outfit with his face on it, as he undoubtedly will one day.

“Premier Doug Ford is all about freedom of speech,” said AG . “As long as that freedom of speech in no way curtails his freedom to be vindictive.”

“Also just be grateful I stepped in when he wanted to pass a law making it mandatory for everyone to call [former premier] Kathleen Wynne a dumb bitch every time they spoke her name.”

At press time, your friend in law school would be very happy to give a detailed explanation of how the Notwithstanding Clause works.