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White House sources reveal Trump still using Obama’s Netflix password

WASHINGTON D.C. – Sources inside the recently confirmed reports that President has been stealing by using former president ’s account.

The Obamas became suspicious when they noticed that Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal: The Movie, Home Alone 2, and Zoolander, all featuring Trump, appeared in their recently watched history and the recommendations had changed from thought-provoking documentaries to “Adam Sandler comedies” and “movies with boobs in them.”

“It seems as though Donald Trump is determined to completely erase the ’s Netflix legacy and replace it with his own awful choices,” said CNN political analyst John King.

Rumors are already flying through Washington that Trump hired Russian hackers to break into the Obama’s Netflix account, change Michelle Obama’s voter registration affiliation to Republican, and rename the 44th president’s Twitter account to Barack “Baby Dick” Obama.

However Press Secretary denied Trump did anything wrong. “We believe that the Obamas forgot to log off from their Netflix accounts before vacating the White House and, quite frankly, this is emblematic of the carelessness with which Democrats seem to handle sensitive information.

When reached for comment, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said he would investigate the matter, at which point Trump immediately tried to fire him.