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Parents told their baby ‘looks just like them’ mistakenly interpret that as a compliment

Stratford, ON – Malorie Lester and Richard Finkel are under the woefully inaccurate impressions that their and family were being positive when they told them their new baby, Jackson, bore a striking resemblance to both of them.

“I , I couldn’t just come out and say I recognized Malorie’s dull eyes and Richard’s thin lips in little Jackson,” said long time friend Denice. “So I went ‘ooh, I can really see both of in him’ and they got so happy like that was a good thing.”

“On the bright side, babies change so much. Maybe he’ll grow up to look more like Malorie’s hot older brother.”

Denice was just the latest in a long line of visitors who have chosen to note the familial similarities as a way out of commenting on the fact that the child has somehow inherited the most visually unappealing features of both .

“We knew everyone would love our little angel, but we didn’t realize he’d be this big of a hit. One of my cousins even said his face was ‘striking’ and ‘memorable’!” said Malorie.

“I can’t wait to post photos of me and him at similar ages side by side,” said Richard. “We both had just crazy amounts of baby acne. It’ll be so !”

For his part Jackson didn’t care what people thought. He just wanted out of this polar bear onesie