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Local man just wants to have a respectful debate with these Libtards

REGINA – Frustrated commentator Keith Cook doesn’t understand why the cucks he is currently dealing with on won’t engage in a meaningful and healthy dialogue with him.

“I think I raised a very valid point about ’s economic policy when I commented ‘Justin TURDeau is destroying our economy’ on a Globe & Mail article,” said Cook. “But rather than consider the merits of my argument these globalist feminazis just started attacking me.”

“I guess our society has become too divided to discuss our political differences with decorum,” he added. “So much for the tolerant left.”

This is not the first time Cook has been frustrated in his attempts to engage with people on the other side of the political spectrum. He was previously suspended from twitter 13 different times for using “the most disturbingly racist language we have ever seen, and we run twitter.”

Eventually Cook’s efforts did succeed however, as a commenter from Nova Scotia stated that, while she disagreed with Mr. Cook, she wondered if he could explain how the Prime Minister is destroying the economy. At that point Cook called her a cunt and moved on to post a transphobic meme on Pride Toronto’s wall.

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