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Patrick Brown announces re-re-entry into Ontario PC leadership race

TORONTO – Following an agonizing series of many, many minutes, former Ontario PC leader has announced his intention to again enter the leadership race again for the PC party again.

“On my way home from announcing my latest withdrawal from the leadership race, I had a real awakening and realized I was right the first time and also the third time and that I should be leader of the again,” said .

Confidants described a gruelling personal battle in which Brown underwent close to 45 second where he wasn’t sure whether to run for leader or not. Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed and eventually Brown concluded that if the public was prepared to have him as party leader originally and then again a day ago, then they would welcome his ultimate re-return to the position.

“I am absolutely certain that this is the best way forward for me and for the Province for now unless maybe I change my mind again,” confirmed Brown. “I am more than capable of simultaneously leading this party and fighting the allegations of sexual impropriety against me, unless of course I can’t in which case I will withdraw again.”

At press time, Brown announced he was withdrawing again.