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Toronto woman finally saves enough to move out of parent’s house for one month

– After working multiple jobs for several years and saving diligently, local woman Theresa Graham finally has enough to move into her own apartment for one month before moving back in with her .

“It feels like my is finally starting,” said Graham, who is technically taking care of both her first and last month’s with one $2000 payment. “150 square feet, all to myself.”

Graham has lived with her parents since finishing at University in 2012, paying off her student loans and saving where she can, and is now excited to move out, get her own furniture, and then realize that she has nowhere near enough capital to keep paying her rent unless she walks everywhere and stops eating entirely.

“I know that there’s no way I can feasibly alone on the salary of a server and freelance graphic designer,” said Graham. “But honestly, I’d pay $3000 to go one month without hearing my parents fuck.”

“And with the way costs are rising, that’ll probably be the only option in two years.”

Now that she’s settled in, Graham has started planning her for the 31st so that her guests can also help her move her things out of the apartment.