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How will you celebrate Canada’s 151st Birthday

Every week Beaverton editor-in-chief Luke Gordon Field assembles some of the country’s best comedians and to talk, mock and riff their way through the news of the week. Then he puts their knowledge to the test in a very important where the winner gets absolutely nothing. Part panel show, part interview, Weekly Report is an hilarious look at what’s going on in the world around . It’ll be just like watching , only funnier and with fewer erectile dysfunction ads.

Luke and the Panel (Jon Blair, Alice Moran and Dave Barclay) discuss ’s 150 faux pas (2:00), why Alberta is so mad all the time (6:00), how the Proud Boys movement is giving rise to Ashamed Moms (11:00), the latest round of “international press gushes over Justin Trudeau (16:30) and how has learned to lean in (23:00). Then the Approximately Ten Minute Long Quiz determines what is really going down on Mars.