Tourists line up to offer their children to famous local sea lion - The Beaverton

Tourists line up to offer their children to famous local sea lion

RICHMOND, BC – Hundreds of at Fisherman’s Wharf offered up their small children to the famous who performed an impressive grab of a small child on Saturday.

“I brought both my 6 and 8-year-old as bait,” said Albert Chen of Toronto while his wife held an iPhone waiting for one of their children to be pulled in by the celebrity marine mammal. “I will be very proud of their sacrifices if he chooses one of them to be pulled to the depths; it would make a perfect [Facebook] cover photo.”

The 660 lbs creature with powerful jaws capable of tearing apart fish in a single bite has been described by visitors as “cute” and “playful.”

Capitalizing on the sea lion’s presence, a local fishing outfit has been selling large rods where parents can cast their children into the water in the hopes of luring the star of a YouTube video that has over 18 million views.

“The best tip I have for catching him is adding some dead herring into the clothes of your child before casting,” explained Harrison Halkirk of Harrison’s Extreme Fishing Outfitters.

Authorities have responded by updating one of their signs to read “Please do not feed children to the sea lion”, which no one has noticed.

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