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Montreal celebrates 50th anniversary of 325th anniversary celebrations

MONTREAL – Celebrations have already started for Montreal’s 50th anniversary of the 325th birthday celebrations since the city was first colonized by Europeans.

1967 was a big year for celebrating the past, which also marked the 150th anniversary celebrations of the 150th anniversary first celebrated way back in 1792.

Tourists are expected to flock to Canada’s second largest city to experience what it was like to celebrate turning a completely arbitrary number in age including public advertising about the 325th anniversary, party hats from the era, or take a ride in a bus from 1967 still with its original advertising about the 25th anniversary of the city’s Tricentennial.

“Tourists can relive the past of celebrating the past,” explained Pascale Nguyen from the Ville de Montréal. “They will be thrilled to know that tourists can try our new virtual reality headsets to see what Montreal infrastructure was like 50 years ago. The headsets are optional.”

In related news, Ottawa announced it will spend $600 million on celebrating the first anniversary of the 150th anniversary since Confederation and has already started an advertising campaign called Canada 151.

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