Scotiabank admits 'richer than you think' slogan was a math error - The Beaverton

Scotiabank admits ‘richer than you think’ slogan was a math error


– In a startling revelation this morning admitted that their famous slogan ‘You’re richer than you think’ is, in fact, not true, and only arose because of a serious math error done by their accounting department.

“It turns out you are not actually richer than you believe you are, that was our mistake,” said executive Richard Matlin. “We forgot to carry the 1.”

“It turns out you are actually poorer than you think you are. Even poorer than your think you are.”

Scotiabank has been telling Canadians they have more and assets than they actually have for years, a claim which many economists blame for record levels of debt, credit card use, and jet ski purchases. However Matlin denied responsibility.

“Are we at fault for encouraging people to over leverage and buy things they can not afford? Legally we have been advised to say no.”

In related news BMO admitted their slogan ‘making money make sense’ was terrible.