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First shorts-wearing jogger of winter spotted

WINNIPEG – A shorts-clad jogger has been spotted running in the River Heights neighbourhood, a sight that all metropolitan Canadians know heralds the true beginning of winter. “He was so ma…


Oh no! Unread email continues to exist

WINNIPEG – Local account manager Meghan Gessele was horrified this week to discover that, upon returning to her workstation after using the restroom, an unread email she had left unread was…


Holy shit! Winnipeg wins something!

CALGARY – Early reports indicate that a team or organization relating to, or originating from, the city of Winnipeg has finally won a championship above the amateur level. Portage and Main …


750,000 people trapped living in Winnipeg

WINNIPEG – The Red Cross is reporting at least 750,000 people are still trapped living in Winnipeg carrying on with their day-to-day lives. The evacuation remains at a standstill as delusio…