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Francophone politician slams Canada’s diversity for not assimilating his culture

OTTAWA – Conservative MP and former party leadership contender recently accused the Trudeau government of practicing “extremist ” by not assimilating him into the majority.

Bernier claimed he is a clear example of a radical Liberal diversity experiment in which anyone in Canada is free to speak or any other language.

“First, it started with the Quebec Act of 1774, and it’s been a slippery slope since,” said Bernier on Twitter. “Why is Trudeau and his policy of extreme multiculturalism allowing people like me to use my native tongue in Parliament, making it an official language, and incorporating customs and traditions, which are clearly not the majority in this country?”

Bernier clarified that he was not against diversity or even biculturalism unless that meant embracing a French Canadian heritage or attending a French-speaking school.

“Canada will disappear if it has two or more cultures that define it,” added the former cabinet minister.

According to sources, Bernier says he plans on anglicizing his name to Max Xenophobe.