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5 Canadians in the NFL who might get to touch the football this year if they’re really good boys

Another season is in full swing, and from handing players water bottles to losing rent money on ill-advised bets, Canadians are making an impact on the game. But did you know that some Canadians even play NFL ? Yes, they get to wear the jerseys and everything! There are tens of Canadians across the league, and a few extra special boys might even get to touch a real this year.

Nathan Rourke (Quarterback, Jacksonville Jaguars) – In 2022, Rourke put up impressive numbers for the BC Lions and won Most Outstanding Canadian, which more than qualified the Victorian to jump to the NFL as a fringe practice squad player on a forgettable team no one likes. He could very well get to touch the football if Jacksonville’s other quarterbacks get in a car together and then crash it.

Benjamin St-Juste (Cornerback, Washington Commanders) – As a defensive player, St-Juste could touch the ball by recovering a fumble or even, if we let our dreams run really wild, catching an interception. But he’s Quebecois, so he probably calls the ball something weird like “œuf précieux.”

Brent Urban (Defensive End, Baltimore Ravens) – This talented Mississaugan has been in the NFL for almost 10 years! Wow! Urban is definitely due to give the ball a good touch if he continues to hard and stick with it.

Jesse Luketa (Linebacker, Arizona Cardinals) – As a linebacker, Luketa plays a position that leaves him unlikely to take control of the ball. But as a native Edmontonian, Luketa will do everything humanly possible to keep working in sunny Arizona and avoid the Dantean hell that is Edmonton in . Expect Luketa to put in the kind of 110% commitment that could lead to some serious ball touching.

Chuba Hubbard (Running Back, Carolina Panthers) – In what would be a groundbreaking accomplishment for any Canadian football player, Hubbard has touched an NFL football several times. In fact, he’s even scored touchdowns! Unfortunately, the Panthers are the NFL’s Make-a-Wish team, so they don’t count. Keep trying, Chuba! You’ll get to play for a real team someday!