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Mom on day three of telling story about bowl she saw at store that looked just like her bowl

Collingwood, ON — It’s official: after three days, is still telling that about a bowl she saw at the store that looked almost exactly like her bowl from home. 

It all started on Friday, when Mom was at Williams Sonoma and saw a big blue mixing bowl that looked rather similar to one she has in her own kitchen. She came home and told everyone all about it at the dinner table. 

“It really did look quite a lot like my bowl,” says Mom. “Except it was slightly smaller. Can you believe it?”

On Saturday, everyone went over to Aunt Kathy’s for dinner. Mom couldn’t wait to share the big news with a fresh audience. 

“It was almost exactly the same as the bowl I have in my own house,” she claimed. “Except it was a little smaller and a little less round and a slightly different shade of blue.”

In classic Aunt Kathy fashion, she was having none of it. “I’d believe it if you saw a different bowl at the store. But a bowl that looked so similar to your bowl at home? No way!”

Then, on Sunday, Mom told her neighbour Theresa, and her hairdresser Kim, and her psychic Esmeralda (who already knew), and then she called Aunt Kathy to ask if she remembered. 

“It was literally the same bowl, Kathy!” she exclaimed. “Except it was smaller and more oval-shaped and a darker shade of blue and it had a picture of a fish on it. But other than that it was the same!”

Aunt Kathy, ever the skeptic, remained unconvinced. “A bowl that looked so much like another bowl? It’s just too far-fetched!” 

That night, the whole gathered at Grandma’s for supper (as always), and Mom was unstoppable. Cousin Betty had barely finished sharing the exciting news of her pregnancy when Mom found a way to relate it to the bowl coincidence. 

“Speaking of twins…” she began.