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New Movie: Alexander Skarsgard, Peter Sarsgaard guard stars in Star Guards

– Gossip is buzzing this week about a new tentpole film release set for next year: Star Guards, starring Skarsgard and Sarsgaard.

A synopsis of the film, which dropped Tuesday on the producer’s website, sets out the sci-fi epic’s plot. Tri-Star’s Star Guards stars Skarsgard as Alvar Parr, who guards star shards alongside “Sarge” Shar (Sarsgaard), Parr’s pard. Parr and Shar must guard the shards to prevent the evil Star Czar from using them to build his Star Shard Grimoir. The score is done by GWAR and will premiere on Starz.

“Filming Star Guards was hard, especially scenes where we had to jump from the handlebars of the guards’ StarCars through the bazaars of Qatar,” demurred Sarsgaard before questions were barred by Omar Asar from Tri-Star’s PR.

Industry watchers will also be familiar with a which occurred while filming a sword-fighting scene at a field on location in West Africa. Tragically, the Cote D’Ivoire charred spar-yard scarred Sarsgaard forcing Skarsgard to give CPR to his co-star. Fortunately, Sarsgaard was jarred but unharmed.

“We’ve got a wonderful set of supporting roles including Randy and Jason Sklar, Jamie Farr, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar,” boasted director Lars von Trier, “and with Alexander being joined by Stellan, Bill, and Gustaf, Star Guards stars the most Skarsgards by far.”

Is a sequel to Star Guards in the cards? It’s not on Skarsgard or Sarsgaard’s radar and right now their focus is on ensuring Star Guards is up to par. Still, next March, be sure to catch StarGuards, starring Skarsgard, Sarsgaard, Sklars, Farr, Jabbar and .