Policy section of Pierre Poilievre's website contains phrase 'to play devil's advocate' 38 times - The Beaverton

Policy section of Pierre Poilievre’s website contains phrase ‘to play devil’s advocate’ 38 times

OTTAWA – Frontrunner for Conservative Party Leader has released a detailed section on his website about what he will do if elected PM, which contains the phrase ‘to play devil’s advocate’ nearly 40 times.

’s system will remain publicly funded. But to play devil’s advocate…” one section reads before detailing how, theoretically, it would actually increase individual freedoms to allow for mass privatization.

“These aren’t necessarily what I believe. I just see how someone could make the argument that everyone who wears a Niqab should be put on a list of some kind, and so I’m going to talk about it a lot,” reads the introduction.

The website further details how, one could say, in a hypothetical, just for argument’s sake kind of way, that abortions should be banned and the turned into a right-wing propaganda channel.

The website also contains the phrase “JUST HEAR ME OUT” in capital about 75 times, ‘if I could just finish my point’ 13 times and ‘you just don’t understand’ 178 times. Reached for comment Poilievre advised he was interested in starting conversations.

“Why are we so afraid of ideas in this country? Of discussing what may seem like controversial topics? Are we so worried about what our fellow Canadians think? Besides there isn’t anything too crazy on there. I it’s not like I’m proposing instituting compulsory military service or banning gay couples from being able to rent or anything.”

“Although, to play devil’s advocate…”