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Local man wishes there was more he could do about Roe v. Wade

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE ― With the ramifications of the reversal of Roe v. Wade beginning to ripple across the country, pro-choice Americans are seeking out ways of helping maintain access to abortion. Tangible change has proved elusive, with many reporting frustration and hopelessness. However, not everyone is ready to give up on the potential of individuals to make an impact.

“Even though I’m personally against abortion, it’s not my place to make decisions for those with differing viewpoints, so I wanted to do my part to fight this. But there didn’t seem to really be anything I could do,” said Delaware resident Joe Biden, 79, echoing the remarks of thousands of pro-choice citizens. “Seems the people who actually have that power just don’t care about what I or the majority of Americans think.”

After contacting politicians at both the state and national level yielded no response, Biden decided to take advantage of his comfortable income and the progressive atmosphere of his secondary residence in Washington, D.C., to pay out of pocket for abortion pills and contraceptives, which he mails free to those most in need.

Hundreds of other Americans in blue states are similarly taking matters into their own hands. Some, like Biden, personally distribute medications or offer rides into states with better access, while others donate to charities that perform such services. Still more have taken to the streets in protest.

“I really wish I had the political influence of guys like [West Virginia Democratic Senator] Joe Manchin. Then maybe I could stop this,” Biden added. “But I just do whatever I can. At the end of the day, that’s all that any one person can do, but if we all do our little bit, then maybe, just maybe, it’ll be enough.”