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Read the ‘Canada Day Freedom Convoy’s’ new list of demands

The is back everyone! After making the most exciting place to have racial slurs screamed at back in February, they are planning to return to protest on . But since most of the things they demanded last time, like the end of and vaccine passports, have already happened, we asked them what they were hoping to accomplish this time around. Here is what they said:

-Go past making not mandatory and make them illegal. Yes this applies to doctors performing surgery.

-All vaccinated people must be regularly tested to see if they are developing X-Men style superpowers.

-End the 14 day quarantine rule for unvaccinated travellers. Give them free tickets/passes to all festivals and concerts happening in their area during the 14 days after they return. Including VIP backstage passes if it’s Rascal Flatts or Morgan Wallen.

-Find some kind of cure or “vaccine” taking away powers from any super powered individuals discovered. Make it mandatory that they take it.

-All reports describing how harmful Long Covid is going to be for society to be immediately flushed down toilet. Including the computers the reports were written on.

-Create camps for any super powered individual who refuses the cure or whose body rejects it. Force them to live there.

-Arrest and his Cabinet. Try them for treason. Execute them. AKA “the usual.”

-Team up with “good” vaccine super powered people to take on Magneto after he infiltrates camp and leads a rebellion of “bad” vaccine super-powered people. Learn lesson about humanity and our need to “other” people. Also maybe Dark Phoenix shows up.

Now some of these may be a bit of a stretch. But remember, they did get basically everything they wanted last time!

Image Credit: ΙΣΧΣΝΙΚΑ-888