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Andrea Horwath confident she’ll get hang of party leader thing 2-3 elections from now

HAMILTON, ON – With polling projecting the NDP to once again not form a government in the 2022 , 4-time leader predicts that she will “definitely work out the kinks 2 elections from now, 3 at the most”

“I really think I’m starting to figure this whole leader thing out,” says Horwath, currently in her 13th year as Ontario NDP Leader. With the New Democrats once again poised to finish third behind a party that offered no costed policy plans, and another party whose leader is alleged to be a promotional cardboard standee, Horwath remains optimistic.

“It’s like they always say, ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try again. And again. And then again, but do a little worse, and then try several more times’.”

Horwath has released a costed, detailed platform outlining the changes she will make over the next two or three elections in order to finally become a viable option for premier of Ontario. “Next election we’ll increase the funding promised to fix the repair backlog from 3 to 3.2%, and then the election after that, I thought I’d try wearing a neat hat.”

The current provincial NDP leader went on to explain her enduring appeal to the part she has led for well over a decade. “We Ontario New Democrats understand that things take time to gel. As party leader, I’m like that Netflix show your friend recommends that doesn’t get good until the third, or perhaps sixth season. But when it finally does… oh boy!”

With Ontario poised to re-elect ’s despite a dismal record of deaths and out of control prices, NDP insiders remain enthusiastic about Horwath’s ability to eventually win an election maybe someday.

“If there’s one thing Ontario voters can’t resist,” added NDP Deputy Leader John Vanthof, “it’s a steadfast and uncharismatic policy wonk who spends over a decade trying and failing to make a lasting impression with the public. Go Horwath!”

Across Ontario, likely NDP voters shared their enthusiasm for their longtime party leader.

Marni Grosse of Whitby said, “It took Jack Layton several elections to catch on, but eventually he became opposition leader.” When reminded that Horwath already is opposition leader, Grosse added, “Oh God, that can’t be right. Oh no….”

Omar Kemps of North York explained, “I’ve been a faithful NDP voter for decades, but I don’t recognize that middle aged woman in the photo you’re showing me. Does she work with my mom?”

As election day approaches, Horwath remains optimistic about her long, long future ahead leading the NDP.

“I truly believe that, in 2 elections or so, Ontarians will finally be ready to embrace the NDP’s progressive platform” said Horwath, referring to policies that the Ontario Liberals are already in the process of stealing and taking credit for.