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April Fools’ post on friend’s social media somehow less fun in era of constant misinformation

Nelson, BC – A lighthearted fib posted on a friend’s Facebook page failed to generate the intended joyful confusion in even one reader this April Fool’s Day in light of the fact that the internet is a toxic cesspool of lies and manipulation.

“I thought I’d get a out of trying to fool people into thinking that I was selling my house to go and be a street mime in Paris,” explained attempted prankster Joel Chan. “This sort of thing used to be fun. Do people no longer enjoy being deceived by things they read online?”

Users across multiple platforms reported a knee-jerk hostility to any piece of even remotely questionable information they have learned today. Experts suggest this may or may not be connected to a sustained bombardment of junk science, false narratives, bots, , astroturfing, pyramid schemes and misleading reports of hot MILFs in your area.

“I remember I used to giggle when Joel would tell people that he was going to dye his pink or something,” stated one friend who wished to remain anonymous. “Now when I find out I have been lied to yet again, it just hardens my heart and reminds me to trust no-one.”

The anger extends beyond personal posts. One newspaper that ran a single fake story on April Fool’s Day this year “for fun” has caused such anger that it managed to lose both of its remaining subscribers.

In response to the that April Fool’s posts on Facebook are no longer fun, is reportedly searching for a new way to announce that the metaverse was actually just a prank.