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Italian doctors recommend drinking seven glasses of pasta water each day

MILAN – A public service announcement released by the Policlinico of Milan today reminded people that despite the cold of the months, they should remember to keep adequately hydrated by at least seven glasses of pasta per day.

The announcement further noted that , the cloudy liquid left over after preparing a pot of spaghetti, could be enjoyed both warm or cold without impacting its nutritional value. 

 Dr. Emilio Vespucci, head nutritionist at the hospital describes the reasoning behind the statement.

“There are so many urban myths and legends surrounding pasta water and the actual amount ‘you need’. Like, that pasta water made with spaghettini is inferior to water made from spaghetti or you can get all the pasta water you need just from pasta coffee. We really wanted to set the record straight once and for all.”

Vespucci confirmed that the turbid solution, consisting of dissolved durum flour and semolina in water, contained vital starches needed to thicken the body in order to achieve a luxurious and silky mouthfeel.

“But honestly speaking the ‘seven glasses’ is more of a guideline. It’s less about hitting that number than remembering to regularly hydrate.” elaborated Vespucci. “For instance, seven glasses is fine for the average person but if you’re regularly engaging in strenuous activities such as rowing a gondola or grinding a street organ, you’d need twice that.

For the many people who struggle to consume all necessary 3.7 litres of the starchy cooking liquid, finding it bland in comparison to popular carbonara-ted soft drinks. Dr. Vespucci offers some practical advice.

“Try adding flavor enhancers like a wedge of lemon, cucumber slices or a whole veal parmesan submerged to make the experience more enjoyable and less of a chore.”

At press time, Dr. Vespucci was further extolling the virtues of a balanced consisting of foods from all four cheese groups.