I know there’s a lot going on right now but would you mind watching this Kony2012 video super quick - The Beaverton

I know there’s a lot going on right now but would you mind watching this Kony2012 video super quick

Hey fellow members of the universe! I’m coming atcha with a really important message that none of us can risk ignoring. And while I know there’s a lot of wild happenings competing for your attention these days, please, please, please, just spare 29 minutes and 59 seconds to add one more cause to your menu.

The video is called Kony2012 and if you’re like me and you want to gain a complete and comprehensive understanding of an incredibly complex issue in a culture you claim to know stuff about, watch it right away. I think you’ll agree this is so much more important than anything else going on right now.  Plus, if you send it to other people, you can help spread awareness, which is like the best thing anyone can do these days.

And think about the bona fides you’ll be able to swing around next time you’re engaged in a deep debate on the “Anti- Now: Let’s Change the World” MySpace page. Even if you have no idea what “The Wretched of the Earth” is when someone mentions it, all you have to do is drop a sweet Kony reference in response and everyone will know you’ve put the effort into the cause and up to date on what really matters. Plus, since all social movements are inherently equal, forwarding this video is the same as supporting something like BLM. Woke is woke!

Guys, I want to be real for a second. This Kony thing is actually very near and dear to my heart. Can you believe that until I opened this unread e-mail sitting in my inbox from my aunt Carol with a heart emoticon as the message, I had no idea of any of the things this guy Kony has been doing in Uganda and/or the CAR and/or other African parts?! Ever since then, I have been forwarding this thing like mad so that everyone else can stop worrying about stuff like and focus on where People are needed the most: Africa! Remember, their world is just a click away.

And even better, if you’re looking for a role model into how to effectively fight injustice, look no further than the brave people leading the hunt for Kony: the documentarians. These courageous and women from California really made me understand that the only thing we need to effect permanent change is to tell people about the existence of a single figurehead leader. It’s actually a much better strategy than all of this ‘lobby the government to effect long-lasting improvement through policy and budgetary changes, along with shifts in cultural attitudes’ stuff other people are supporting. I , why go through so much work when you can just forward a link?

And the worst thing?! This Kony guy has apparently been around for a while! I mean soooooo much longer than the racism and police violence issues which only really came up like last year! Let’s tackle older issues first, people!

We can all really learn from Kony2012 It’s the best example of how to communicate things to people who want to know about something without putting in too much effort. Frankly, I don’t know why no one has bothered to make a short video explaining where racism comes from. That would really make things clearer!