Liberal candidate dropped for boudoir photos as party only allows nudity on Zoom - The Beaverton

Liberal candidate dropped for boudoir photos as party only allows nudity on Zoom

DARTMOUTH – The Liberals are defending their choice to drop candidate Robyn Ingraham over revealing photos, citing party rules that state that members can only have their nudes publicly shared if it’s during a Zoom meeting.

“This has nothing to do with sexism or double standards,” explained Liberal Leader . “This candidate was viewed in a revealing state by consenting members of the public, and that is wrong. It appears that she didn’t even make an attempt to expose her genitals to her unsuspecting online co-workers, as per Liberal tradition.”

Federal Liberal MP , who is credited with starting the Liberal tradition in question after being caught exposed on camera on two separate occasions, was emphatic about the difference between himself and Ingraham: “What I did was clearly a complete fluke error, followed by another similar one-in-a-million mistake. Ingraham on the other hand doesn’t even have a semi-plausible story about changing from jogging clothes or really needing to pee.”

Ingraham has stated that she has the right to use her body as she chooses, but aside from nude Zoom calls, Liberal norms encourage all members to only use their bodies in more respectable, appropriate ways, like celebrity boxing matches.

“The existence of boudoir photos of this candidate is inexcusable,” Rankin insists, though he did clarify that “if the photos had shown her in blackface I might have been able to forgive it.”

Although it is too soon to tell what effect this news will have on the Nova Scotia provincial election, early polls have shown that interest in the political process has spiked among young male voters.