"This isn't Canada" says man who has said "this isn't Canada" every other time this happened in Canada - The Beaverton

“This isn’t Canada” says man who has said “this isn’t Canada” every other time this happened in Canada

, ON – After a horrific and premeditated -crime took the lives of 4 Muslim people this weekend, local man Dave Travers took to social media to re-assure people that this kind of thing doesn’t happen in , just like he did all the other times this exact kind of thing happened in Canada.

“This is not who we are. To my muslim brothers and sisters I want you to know that you are safe here. And the monster who did this does not speak for any of the rest of us,” typed Travers, although he could have just copied and pasted his post from after the Quebec Mosque Shooting, since they are identical.

“I just can’t believe this happened in a country as diverse, welcoming and with absolutely no of hate-induced acts of as Canada.”

Being a multicultural, cultural mosaic is a key part of Canada’s identity, nearly as ingrained in our culture as our collective ability to forget the numerous examples proving we are just as susceptible to hatred and violence as everywhere else, if not more so.

“We will never allow something like this to happen again,” said Prime Minister said, echoing what our country’s leadership said after the Nova Scotia killing spree, the Toronto Van attack, the Quebec mosque shooting, the Ecole Polytechnique massacre, and the thousands of other, less widely reported hate crimes that have taken place in this country.

“Violent attacks and are the kind of thing that happens in the States. We are better than this. Canada is better than this,” wrote Travers, unaware that he will type this exact same word for word message the next time a white man radicalized by Canada’s growing network of violent extremist groups commits a headline-grabbing atrocity.

At press time, instead of repeating the usual bullshit platitudes, donate to the family here.