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Liberals hold emergency session to teach MPs what cameras do

- After MP was caught with his pants down again in a public session, The Liberal Party has called an emergency session to show their caucus how cameras actually as they clearly do not understand that they can be seen while their cameras are turned on.

The Liberals hired Jason Miu, a person who just knows how to use a , to show the party how a computer camera works. “Like a digital camera,”, Says Miu, “a webcam works by capturing light through a small lens using a tiny grid of microscopic light detectors built into an image-sensing microchip. The end result is that if you can see others on zoom, they can probably see you, urinating in a cup for example.”

“If you are using a laptop,” added Miu. “Consider closing it while you are not in session. If you are not sure whether you are visible try asking ‘can people see me’ before you do anything embarrassing. If people say ‘yes’ do not do the embarrassing thing.”

Miu explained further, “You see this little round circle? That’s the camera. You shouldn’t have it pointed towards you while you are naked.”.

William Amos, still bewildered, asked for clarification. “So you’re saying people can see me if I masturbate while parliament is in session?”

The party expresses regret that they were unable to teach their caucus how to use cameras. Ultimately, Miu recommended that the Liberals should not be allowed to use computers ever again