Woman who doesn't get "pronouns" requests you describe her as “vaccine-hesitant” - The Beaverton

Woman who doesn’t get “pronouns” requests you describe her as “vaccine-hesitant”

GEORGIAN BAY, ON – Stacey Amber, a woman who has told you on many occasions without provocation she “doesn’t get gender pronouns” has requested you use “vaccine-hesitant” when addressing her.

“It’s really about respecting and creating a for me,” explained Stacey while wearing her mask under her nose. “It makes me feel unsafe when people forget about my preferred title as a vaccine-hesitantiary and I simply ask that, as a respectful person, you learn to use this inclusive language.”

“Also, why are they letting men into my washroom to watch me pee,” she added, unprompted.

Stacey says she misses the days when “men were men, and women were women,” referring to the 1950’s when everyone got the polio vaccine, ridding the world of polio.

She has a;sp has mentioned on several occasions how all the ‘mollycodling’ we are doing for young people these days is creating a ‘generation of whiners.’ Shortly afterward, Stacey whined about how much people were being mean to her just because she refuses to wear a mask while shopping or get vaccinated.

“These so called ‘gays’ get a parade, but where’s my parade,” asked Stacey while marching down Toronto’s Yonge Street during an anti-mask parade escorted by police.

“It’s about freedom you see,” began a post from Stacey on Facebook. “I should be free to be who I want without fear of prejudice. If I want to refuse the existence of other people and how they want to live, that should be within my rights to do so as that is what I am. Also I’m pretty sure my right not to get a vaccine is in the Charter somewhere.”

Stacey has been praised for the patience she has shown while others adapt to her new identity. “I understand my identity might be confusing for some, so I give people the proper time to say ‘vaccine-hesitant’ instead of ‘batshit crazy woman who doesn’t read anything but Fox News and talk to her brain-dead rich friends and refuses to read authoritative sources of information or do simple math.’ But I do admit, it does frustrate me to be constantly reminding people and I appreciate when they self-correct.”

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