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Local woman makes suspiciously late “Happy Quarantine-aversary!” post

TORONTO – Local Meghan Freling made a pandemic anniversary post earlier this week on her popular account, prompting friends and followers to ask whether it’s a bit late in the month for that?

“Happy -aversary!” read the caption below a photo of Ms. Freling at home in designer pajamas with her purebred husky, posted on the uncomfortably late date of March 28th, 2021. “I can’t believe -19 changed our lives one year ago today!”

Ms. Freling’s lengthy post outlined her last days before the pandemic hit, with highlights including MCing her sister’s 500-attendee wedding on March 24th and the launch of her signature lip tint at a huge chapstick-sharing event on March 26th.

“Wow, one year and one day ago, we were all still going to indoor concerts,” Ms. Freling lamented in her post. “RIP live music :(.”

When contacted, several of Ms. Freling’s friends confirmed her Instagram has been infuriating. “She did a big ‘Support our medical workers!’ post in like May, but it was paired with a photo of her making out with a guy in scrubs,” said fellow influencer Regina Miller. “I’m not sure it was related to the pandemic.”

“She’s posted at least 6 plane selfies, which she claimed were both ‘latergrams’ and ‘for work,’” added Ms. Miller. “The only travel photos she hasn’t posted are with her family for the holidays, but I think that’s just because her family is ugly.”

Friends and followers of Ms. Freling have chosen not to confront her, apart from commenting “um…girl?” on her Instagram, but they hope the post’s relatively low engagement will be the dose of reality needed for the influencer to take the pandemic seriously.

“If she at least starts wearing a mask, I’d call that a win,” said Ms. Miller, sighing. “She launched her own line of them recently, the MeghaN95s, so she must have extras lying around.”

At press time, Ms. Freling could not be reached for comment, but her Instagram indicates she has received her first dose of the before all her friends.