Local mother and father play a rousing round of Who is the Tiredest? - The Beaverton

Local mother and father play a rousing round of Who is the Tiredest?

MONCTON – After growing weary of their regular routine of parenting of three young children, Tony Garcia and Emma Weston managed to bring excitement and joie-de-vivre back into their lives with an invigorating game of Who is the Tiredest?

“Who is the Tiredest? is a game we play whenever we feel we are getting along a bit too well and we need to shake things up a bit,” explained Weston. “It’s so easy to play. It starts when one of us complains about being tired, then the other person says ‘YOU’RE tired!?!?’, and then each player takes a turn listing all the reasons they are tired.”

Bonus points are allocated for starting a game in public, being sexist, and invoking the pandemic even though it is happening to everyone.

“What makes Who is the Tiredest? great is that we don’t have to plan it, like Scrabble night or Jenga night,” said Garcia. “It just happens! The best is when the kids get involved, because they are the ones making us tired most of the time, so we can really score some points off of them. If people are crying, you’re playing the game the right way.”

Round 2 of the game starts when the players stop listing the good reasons why they are tired, and start accusing the other person of being tired for irresponsible reasons, like drinking wine before bed or staying up late playing video games.

Weston, who has been playing Who is the Tiredest? since her first pregnancy, has an array of tested strategies for winning the game.

“In round 2, when someone is accusing me of being tired from, say, looking at my phone in bed, I turn it around and say I was only looking at my phone in bed BECAUSE I WAS SO TIRED! That’s called the Midnight Watchman’s Gambit.” 

At press time, Garcia and Weston plan on playing Who is the Tiredest? as often as possible until their children move out of the house, when they will immediately start playing Who Ruined the Children.