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WandaVision finale rumoured to finally bring Alf to Marvel Cinematic Universe

– With the finale of the hit Disney+ series dropping this Friday, sources online are buzzing about how the episode will finally introduce 80s character to the MCU.

Elizabeth Olsen stars in WandaVision, a series that blends its mysterious retro sitcom setting with explorations of grief, though all along fans have asked one question. “How long until Alf shows up to take his rightful place in the MCU,” demanded Eric Straithe of GeekTimeNow.net. “Why bother doing any of this old-timey sitcom stuff in the first place if ’re not gonna introduce the most renowned sitcom character of all time – Alf, the sarcastic alien puppet who loves to eat cats.”

Straithe added. “I think I speak for all Marvel fans when I say if Alf doesn’t appear in the WandaVision finale during an 80’s-themed homage, or at the very least step out of a magical Doctor Strange portal, then we are ALL boycotting the MCU going forward.”

Alf, an acronym for “Alien Life Form”, was the titular star of a highly-rated NBC sitcom in the late 1980’s. While some have questioned how the 3-foot-tall furry puppet portrayed by Paul Fusco would fit inside the most popular blockbuster superhero universe of all time, diehard fans are convinced the alien prankster’s appearance is a lock.

WandaVision has clearly been teasing Alf’s appearance all along,” explained user WillieTanner86. “The Infinity Stones are from space – just like Alf. The mysterious force pulling the strings and causing Wanda to create a pocket TV universe – let’s just say ‘It Was ALF All Along’! Plus, if Wanda fell in love at first sight with the inhuman synthezoid known as Vision, her one true soulmate is obviously Gordon Shumway from the planet Melmac. You heard it here first.”

Beyond rabid Marvel fan speculation, several of the MCU actors have also mused openly about Alf’s appearance on the highly-rated streaming show. “Wanda may be the Scarlet , but Alf ruled the airwaves from 1986 to the Spring of 1990,” explained WandaVision star Paul Bettany in a recent interview. “I’m not at liberty to discuss any future Alf appearances in the MCU, whether the smart aleck Melmacian joins the Avengers or becomes the main villain of Phase 4. Or both.”

“But do I think our finale can meet fans’ sky high expectations? To quote one of television’s most beloved comedic performers, ‘No problem!’”

Alf’s representatives declined to comment for this article.