City expropriates farmland for booming brownfield industry - The Beaverton

City expropriates farmland for booming brownfield industry

WELLAND – A city in Niagara has expropriated land from a fifth generation farm to further develop its abandoned and contaminated land industry.

Urban planners and local politicians in Welland have prioritized turning prosperous agriculture into unusable wastelands.

“This is all part of our Rustbelt Development Strategy,” said Mayor Frank Campion atop one of the town’s famous slag heaps near the 406. “Rather than cleaning up brownfields for future development, it’s much easier to seize people’s property being used for food and make a new brownfield site.”

City council hopes this decision to take the land will attract important jobs such as remediation specialists and production companies making post-apocalyptic films.

“Someone’s bound to make another miniseries about Chernobyl, and the Rose City is the perfect backdrop,” added Mayor Campion. “It’s eerily realistic.”

Meanwhile, a toxic waste site was given a Welland Heritage designation.