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Conservatives discover police bad

– In the wake of Calgary arresting, manhandling and threatening to taser a man for violating COVID regulations while playing hockey, the right wing was shocked to discover that police may be bad sometimes?

“Why did no one tell me the police are no good?” said as he removed ‘Blue Lives Matter’ from his bio. “Maybe I should start some kind of slogan or hashtag to raise awareness of this.”

“Something like # – All cops are baddies.”

The revelation that people given huge amounts of power with minimal training and nearly no oversight often become abusive and/or dangerous has shaken the country’s disturbingly high number of far right media outlets to their very core.

“Turns out cops don’t only get violent when enforcing the good laws, like ‘no looting’ or ‘no a car that we think looks too nice for someone like .’ They also do it when enforcing the bad laws that infringe on our freedom to kill our grandparents,” wrote .

“Is there a way to only defund just these two police officers specifically,” asked The Post Millennial.

Under fire, the Calgary Police are really hoping an officer commits a racially motivated act of violence soon so they can win these vital constituents back to their side.