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The Crown blasted for repeated portrayal of Britain

– After the release of the fourth season of The Crown on , critics are slamming the show for it’s repeated depiction of Great Britain.

“Ugh look at them lampooning ol’ and evangelizing ,” moaned Twitter user Justice4TheOA. “Oh God, now they’re showing us the inside of their houses, and now the streets outside their houses. Look at that- a red telephone box! I think I’m gonna be sick.”

In what many consider Netflix’s most controversial show, The Crown has remained steadfast in its mission to portray the UK, despite vehement protest from viewers.

“We’ve had our fill of England or or whatever they call themselves these days,” wrote TV Hannah Sommersby of The New Yorker. “How many more Peter Morgan royal reenactments must we be subject to? First The Queen, then The Crown, what’s next The Limited Edition Princess Diana Beanie Baby?!”

While some avid royal enthusiasts bristle at the show’s editorializing of real events, the largest group of naysayers are upset to be shown any part of the UK’s rainy, dreary, miserable countryside.

A representative from the show commented, “We recognize and appreciate that many viewers believe we are ‘colonizing’ their streaming service, however we’re simply honouring the British way.”

The show is slated to begin production on the fifth season this month. The upcoming season will cover the 90s, which is notoriously known to be one of the most uneventful decades in the .