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Woman’s entire personality is IBS

LETHBRIDGE, AB – Friends and family of local woman Ayesha Perera have reported that they are concerned that her personality now consists entirely of speaking about her .

“I like to have a ‘thing.’ It’s just a smart way to brand yourself!” the freelance marketing consultant reported merrily from her apartment. “My thing used to be telling people how much work I had to do and how it was so much more work then they had to do. Before that, my thing used to be only drinking expensive pour-overs, but then everyone else caught onto third-wave coffee.”

“But as soon as I turned 30 and could no longer digest without experiencing explosive , I knew that I simply had to make my my entire vibe.”

Perera’s acquaintances and colleagues have forgone asking her how she’s doing over Zoom calls, since such an open-ended question was typically met by an extensive breakdown of the various stool softeners she was using at the current moment.

“I also have IBS and was really excited to talk to Ayesha about our condition, but she got all angry and defensive and asked me if I even had a diagnosis from a doctor,” said former friend Leila Hampton. “It just seems weird to gatekeep IBS?”

The young woman has been reportedly gushing about the benefits of medicated enemas to her siblings who simply asked what present they should get for their mother’s birthday.

“I’ve cut out foods that irritate my large intestine such as and as well as the ability to talk about anything else besides my beloved quirky affliction!” Perera shouted from her bathroom.

At press time, Perera was seen browsing , nodding to herself.