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Morneau claims he forgot to resign two years ago

OTTAWA – Finance Minister has resigned after remembering that he was asked to do so some two years ago.

Morneau made a brief statement to the press after 26 months spent in a mental fog.

“Like the $41,000 travel expenses that were paid to me, or the French villa that I owned, I have suddenly recalled that I should have left this position years ago,” said Morneau. “In hindsight, I should have recused myself and am glad I am remembering this now.”

The Toronto Liberal MP says that he has also realized that he is the owner of various companies, castles, and the part owner of the Wittelsbach Diamond. He can also recall that he has a family and is an elected Parliamentarian.

“I hope many people who are struggling during this pandemic understand how hard it is to own and receive so much money from so many people,” said Morneau.

Morneau says he plans on continuing to serve his country by failing upwards.